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Privacy Policy

This document explains what data collects from and about its customers and website visitors, what data we collect, where the data is stored, how the data is stored, who has access to and how it is used.

Glossary of Terms

Vendors: Merchant that sell their products online via

Visitor, Guest: Anyone who visits any page on our website, this includes but is not limited to the customers.

Customer: A person who has created an account with, logging in using a third-party account is considered as creating an account with

Third-party service: Services used by that are managed and run by other companies.


1.Data collected

When you visit, the following data is stored in our systems, our approach to data collection is to not collect and store any personally identifying information from our visitors unless they create an account and choose to provide us with personally identifying information (opt-in), when a person creates an account and uses our service, we aim to collect the minimum amount of information required to serve the customer and provide the service.

1.1 Browser information 

We store your device and software information, such as the browser name, operating system, screen resolution, language and other information about your device in our database, we also pass this information to 3rd party services we use to analyse it, the data is passed to Google Analytics and Firebase. We do not directly provide the third-party services with any personally identifying information, however, some services may be able to personally identify a visitor based on the information they have about the specific visitor from other websites that use the same service.

1.2 IP Address

We mask your IP address to the first two parts, which makes it not personally identifying information, we use this information to figure out our visitor's approximate location, ISPs. We use this data to adjust our service to better match our customers' expectations. This data is also passed to our third -party service providers. We collect this data from all our visitors including guests.

1.3 Account information

All the information our customers' provide us with when creating an account is stored and used for the purpose of serving the customers and marketing, when logging in using a third-party account (Google, Facebook or Twitter), we store your public profile information in our database, this information is limited to your name, email address and profile picture, we do not grab your posts or any personal information from the third party accounts.

All our customers' passwords are fully encrypted using a one-way encryption algorithm, we do not store raw passwords in any part of our system.

1.4 Data access

All the data we have about our customers and visitors is accessible by our employees, we also share relevant data about our customers and visitors with our vendors and delivery couriers, we do not govern how our vendors and delivery couriers use and store the data.


2 Data Storage

We store most of the data on our database, which is only accessible by, some other data is stored on third-party service providers' databases. 

2.1 Cookies

We store cookies on our visitors devices, this is done to enable the shopping cart and wishlist feature, remembering logged in users, and for analytics purposes.

Beside cookies, we do not store any other information on the visitor's device, however, some of the third-party services we use may.


3 Third-party services

We use and share data with the following third-party service providers:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Firebase
  • Google Authentication SDK
  • Facebook Authentication SDK
  • Twitter Authentication SDK
  • CDN Services
  • Others


4 Account Deletion

If you wish to delete your account and associated data, please fill out our Account Deletion Request Form available here: Account Deletion Request Form. Upon receiving your request, we will verify your identity and proceed with the deletion process. You will be notified once your account has been successfully deleted. Please allow up to 3 days for the process to complete. For more details on the types of data deleted and any data retention policies, please refer to the sections above.



If you have any enquiries about the data we collect, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or call us at the phone number at the footer.