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About Feehla

Who are we? is a unique one stop online shopping platform based in the Kingdom of Bahrain that will take your shopping to a completely new level! 


With a wide array of services, exclusive deals, and more than 70,000 products and categories to choose from, such as gift items, stationery, electronics, home appliances and even pets! We guarantee you the best online shopping experience, from product selection, convenient online payment options and delivery to your doorstep with only a few clicks. 


We even took it a step further to make your experience with us more convenient, with our state of the art, easy to use app; you can now choose your items, pay and arrange for deliveries from anywhere! gives more than just a spectacular shopping experience!  


If you are looking for an opportunity to get your own products out in the market and start advertising, we are prepared to provide you with: 


1.      A free personal space on our platform to post, list and market your products.


2.      A free unique URL for your online shop with complete functionality and flexibility to operate as you please.


3.      A free of charge Point of Sale (POS) system and integrate with our website for real time inventory updates and we will train you on how to operate it.


4.      Professional photography services for your posted items. 


5.      Holistic handling of transactions on your behalf, we will collect the product, deliver it to your customer and eventually send you the money, as easy as it sounds!